Friday, November 30, 2012

Readly : Week 48

What we have done: 

Since the last status report we have finished the text for the book and made some usability tests on the potential users. We have done all the filming for the movie and started editing the movie.

What we will do:
Next week is the final presentation. So we need to come up with a presentation beside the movie and finish the editing of the movie.  We also going to decide which one of us that is going to present and have some kind of rehearsal internally.

No problems this week

Week 48: MAGi

What we have done:

  • We have finished the script for our film.
  • Created a shot list for the filmmaking.
  • Fixed equipment, location, actors, props, and narrator for the film.
  • We are done with the filming and sound recording of narrator.

What we will do:

  • We will finish editing the film.
  • Eat saffron buns.
  • Prepare for the final presentation.
  • Dispatch the presentation and film to executive group.

Problems encountered:

  • None

Audience of One

The Audience of One team has been working hard this week, not making any gimmicks, but thinking of the clearest, most effective ways to convey out ideas during our presentation. We plan to wrap up the  day with something refreshingly realistic.

Although our idea may not be flashy, we think it is extremely exciting and and we can't wait to share it with you and the industry soon!

Week 48: A Magazine For Several Senses

What we have done:

  • started with the movie
  • started creating rice paper
  • started with ideas for the presentation

Printable Speaker // Listen To Jamie's New Recipe

"Paper" // Rice - and Tapioka, Vanilla, Chili

What we will do:
  • edit movie
  • create final presentation
  • interview with Hans Althin was unfortunately cancelled
  • some changes had to be made in the production of the movie
  • rice paper is not as easy to produce as the woman on youtube makes you believe
  • amazingly friendly and helpful people (especially Björn Blanck from Papyrus)
  • got some more insights and ideas from several artists

See also the last post

Week 48 - Digital contact lenses

At last we managed to make our movie just as we wanted to. This week started with an intense film session out in the western hoods of Stockholm. Equipped with a 42" TV, a petrol-powered electric generator and a film camera we took all the shoots we needed for our film. This time the location was a bus-stop. This is because this way we can illustrate that the micro-environment is visible at the same time as our window has changed the view. This way all the things that happens around the viewer can still be seen. We thought of two locations where this easily could be illustrated for us. The first was a subway, but it is hard to shoot in a subway. The second was a bus stop, and that is easier since it is not moving.

Since the text is handed in we also had time to cut the movie. It took a whole day and we were pleased with the result. It will match the presentation brilliant. The presentation is also almost finished this week. The movie is clocked to under 2 minutes, which makes us able to have a good presentation before that. The script for the presentation is also almost finished  and we only need to make some minor changes before the final presentation. We are definitely well prepared before the final presentation. But we'll see, maybe that'll change on the rehearsal. It is very good that we have a rehearsal though, so that the biggest nervousness can go away and so that we can focus more on the big rehearsal.

We believe that we know the subject very well now though, so to present it won't be any problem. Since we know all the details we can present only the vital parts that the audience has to know to understand the essence of our extensive work.

Week 48: MagZone

What we have done:
We have worked on the film and the final presentation this last week. We shot the film material and have been editing the last few days. The film is now almost finished and we also started on the presentation slides and content.

What we will do: 
We will finalize the film and the presentation. As we have agreed upon a concept for the presentation and the structure, we will distribute the workload among us and finish the slides and other things we need to prepare for the presentation.

Problems encountered: 
We experienced some difficulties with the camera equipment as the microphone was not suited for our purpose and we're not really satisfied with the image quality, but couldn't do much about it. But other than that the last week worked out fine.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Week 48 / MAGnify

Group name: MAGnify

What we have done: This week our focus was primarily on creating the interface and cutting the movie for the final presentation. We have had 4 almost whole-day group meetings and finally finished the cutting. Also we have been brainstorming and considering the way we are going to present our platform next week.

What we will do: On Monday next week we will finally decide the way we are presenting our platform and choose the speaker(s). On Tuesday we are planning the in-group rehearsal of the final presentation.

Problems: NO!


 Other: Shooting and cutting the movie are equally the most difficult and the funniest parts of the project!

Week 48 - The Future of Interactive Dynamic Advertising

What have we done?

For our group this week started with the proofreading of our article. Three of our group members went through the text again and made changes. Besides the proof reading we focussed on the final presentation. We decided to not make a film, as we would not be able to create one that would reach our expected standards. Instead we decided to concentrate more on the presentation itself.

What will we do?

We booked a lot of meetings for next week so that we can finish on time and are well prepared for the presentation.


As mentioned we decided to not make a film.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A must read: Subcompact Publishing

In his essay Subcompact Publishing, former Flipboard product designer Craig Mod does an excellent job zooming in on the challenges publishing industry is facing and how the old habits seem to die hard.

"In product design, the simplest thought exercise is to make additions. It’s the easiest way to make an Old Thing feel like a New Thing. The more difficult exercise is to reconsider the product in the context of now. A now which may be very different from the then in which the product was originally conceived."

Friday, November 23, 2012

Augmented magazines week 47

What we have done: Well, it's been about the book the whole week basically. That's what all meetings have been going through and everyone have written different parts and done pictures and discussed a lot. So it's been about feedback, reconstruct, give feedback and reconstruct again...and again...and again!

Next? We will start to film the movie on tuesday and go to all the sessions about the book next week, and hopefully start to look at the final presentation as well since it's quite soon!

Changes? No, we've been quite sure on what to do since the mid crit and we are trying to stay focused and stay on that track. it can might be some changes when we start to film but then you will know next week!

Week 47 - The Future of Interactive Dynamic Advertising

What did we do?
We wrote and reconstructed our text quite a lot this week. It was important to us that the entire group contributes to the chapter and to the final presentation, which is why we mainly worked and will continue working on it together. Like this we can ensure that everyone agrees with the content and furthermore are we able to maintain the consistency between the chapter and the final presentation.

In addition we revised the chapters of MAGi and Seasons and gave them feedback. We were also able to benefit from their feedback and hope that our comments helped them out, too.

What will we do?
Two of our group members will go to the proof-reading session on Tuesday where we can make final adjustments to our chapter. We will also continue on our film for the final presentation. We have many ideas but we need to make them more specific and get the filming started.

The only problem we had this week was that everything took longer than we expected, so we didn’t have enough time to work on our film script this week. But as we are now done with our chapter, we can entirely focus on our film next week!

Week 47 - MAGi

What we have done:
This week we spent most of our time on writing our texts for the final book chapter. As everyone of us had to write his/her own part, we had to put all our parts together. Finally, we had an editorial meeting to make a homogeneous chapter out of the single texts. We found two other groups for mutual proofreading. With the comments of the other two groups we improved and finalized our book chapter. To visualize some aspects of our part, we searched for pictures and added them.

Furthermore, we had to find an appointment with our actors for shooting our film next week. We schedule two days for filming and maybe one additional day, if something goes wrong and we have to fix it. We organized the film equipment. Today we have a creative script workshop... and it won’t be the last one...

What we will do:
We will finish the script, create a shotlist, prepare the props etc. and finally shoot and edit the film and record our narrator. And finally: prepare the presentation.

Week 47: Journalist Rockstars / The Future of Journalism

What we have done:
This week we have obviously had our focus on finishing all of the writing before the stated deadline tomorrow Friday. The writing’s coming up good even though we’ve encountered minor problems concerning how some parts of the report should be structured and written. It’s hard to explain if this is a result of bad communication or a lack of discussion among the group. However after some dialogue between the members this problem was easily sorted out and the writing could carry on.
The end of the week is not as much about writing as it is about making sure that the content is relevant and argued for in a fashionable way.

What we will do:
As the writing soon will be finished with, for now, we will focus on deciding upon how we should go about the end presentation. We have some ideas, some of them more appropriate than the others, and even though much of what we are going to say could seem obvious, we expect to put some effort into the making of it.

Week 47: MagZone

What we have done:
We've spent the last week with working on the final draft for our chapter of the book and working on the film for the final presentation. The chapter is now done and handed in to Hanna including the picture files we want to include in the text part. After all it was quite some work getting the final version done, but we're now satisfied with the result. We incorporated a lot of the feedback we got from one group and hope the feedback we gave two groups helped them with their texts too.
For the film we finished the script and created a short shot list of things we want to capture with the camera. We found our actress for the film and booked the camera for shooting next week.

What we will do:
Now that the text is done we can start concentrating on the final presentation. Next week we will shoot and hopefully also edit the film for the presentation. Until then we will be working on props for the film and other things we need like screenshots of the application and building the "MagZone terminal". Parallel to that we will start working on the structure and layout of the final presentation.

Problems encountered:
Editing and curating the text took longer than expected and it's not always easy to find common ground on some parts of the text. But by meeting and discussing a lot about the text and parts of it we managed pretty good to get it finished in time.

Week 47: MAGnify

Group name: MAGnify

What have we done: This week we have had 2 days of shooting - Tuesday (4 hours) and Wednesday (5 hours) - unfortunately, we managed to get the camera only on Tuesday and one day of creating user-interface prototype for it (Thursday and still in the process). We have had the internal deadline for the text and images on Tuesday and whole the group have had the opportunity to check it, add their own ideas and improve the quality. Today we are starting to cut the movie.

What we will do: Now we are in the process of cutting the movie and preparation for the final presentation. We have decided to shoot a quick commercial for MAGnify, so our "presentation" part will be about 6-7 minutes which requires perfect structure and clear explanation.

Problems: NO problems appeared, 
thank you, Daniel, for quick solution with camera problems!

Changes: NO big changes, some small improvements with images and the logo.

Week 47: A Magazine For Several Senses

What we have done:
Have you ever thought of paper made of beer? Well this week we found out that not only beer paper, but almonds, olives and so many other ingredients are already being used in the paper production. 

Bier Papier by Gmund

Olive, Almond, Kiwi etc. by Favini

This week we had two interviews with two paper experts both indicated by our previous interview with Christer Lie (KTH - CSC).

Erik Blohm, Project Manager of Printing Surfaces from Innventia, a research and development company that works with innovations based on forest raw materials.

Björn Blanck, Utbildningsansvarig/Trycksakskonsult from Papyrus, a company that provides efficient and reliable solutions for the supply of paper of its clients.

From previous interview with Christer he explained to us that paper is made of fibers, usually from cellulose pulp from different plants, such as eucalyptus and  sugar cane.
On the interview with Blanck we found out that paper with 65% cellulose pulp and 35% pulp of other ingredients like coffee, beer, kiwi, olives, almond, is already in the market. Although the paper is not edible it can tell a story behind the paper and add value to the product being commercialized. Imagine for example the experience of reading an article about different types of coffee printed in a paper made of coffee. It would be at least unusual, wouldn’t it?

We also did some more Internet research and found great ideas of ads that a Brazilian Publicity Agency Loducca is doing for its clients. Wax paper for surfers, asphalt paper for an engineering company are among their cases. Worth watching video

We also found out a very interesting organization that highlights innovative print work. Take a look this creative rice paper art!

Print on Rice Paper

And we found an Amsterdam based restaurant doing this amazing stuff:

Strawberry Paper

We also had a group meeting to finish the written report and to start structuring the story board of the video to the final presentation.

What we will do:
We will still perform some other interviews with experts and try to add the comments on the presentation as the report will be finished.
We will also start shooting the video and structure the content of the final presentation.

Changes in the project:
After the interview in Papyrus we decided to include the “feeling” section in our magazine. This section will focus on the use of special papers that can tell a story and add value to the content presented in the pages.

See also the last post.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Future of collecting week 47

What we have done: we've been writing on the report and producing appropriate pictures.

What we will do: work on the presentation.

Problems encountered: none I can think of right now

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Audience of one, week 47

What have we done
We have been sitting in a tiny room, fine-tuning our concept and writing our asses off.

What will we do
We will finish our work and submit it. Then we'll have a drink or two and start working on the presentation.

Augmented magazines v46

What we have done: We have been writing a lot the whole week and tried to come up with useful pictures for the book. So it's been a lot about refining our scenario, decide what to write and start to write basically.

What we will do: This week is all about finish the writing and the pictures for the book. Then we will start with the movie next week!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Week 46 - Journalist Rockstars / The Future of Journalism

What we have done:
This week we've conducted another interview with a person experienced in social media and marketing, which we believe will be of relevance for our future scenario. We've also started writing for the book and made some decision regarding the overall presentation of our material. Finally, we've started discussing the final presentation and how to make our message as clear as possible, incorporating the feedback we got from the mid-crit.

What we will do:
Next week will be quite hectic, writing being the main priority. We'll also start creating some visual material to complement our text.

Due to lack of time and because we feel we've already got a lot of good material, we've decided not to do any more interviews. Another issue is that of concentrating the project to a particular area. It still feels quite broad and we'll need to refine it some more. 

Friday, November 16, 2012

Week 46 - Readly

What we have done:
Since the mid-crit we done some of the views to the prototype. We have done the pictures for the premium version for Readly, but we also need to do the free service and then link the pictures together, so it works like a real application.

Because of the early deadline for the text, we had to reschedule the filmmaking so that we have time for writing. But we are done with the manuscript for the film and have written about thousand words for the text.

What we will do:
Next week we need to finish the prototype, do an user study on human computer interaction master students. And not the last, we need to finish the text.
Then we are going to start making the film and prepare for the final presentation week 48.

Changes in the project:
We have decided to make an user study for the magazine service prototype.

This is a thumbnail over articles in Readly.
(We don’t want to reveal too much)

Week 46 - future of collecting

What we have done: we have tested our prototype on Scott Ritcher, who gave us an excellent feedback. We refined our prototype afterwards so that it was more specific on the features. We brought together a focus group and let tem evaluate our new concept.We have also written a draft for parts of the report, namely the process and theory parts.

What we will do: we will work on the advanced prototype which we have on the final presentation. We will make a trailer, either animated or recorded in the old way. We will also finish the report.

Problems encountered: lack of time and difficulties getting a focus group together.

Changes: basically none, except the concept has evolved and is more specific. We feel that us ourselves believe in the product very much.

Week 46 - The future of dynamic interactive ads

What did we do?

This week we first of all worked on the constructive feedback we got from the Mid-Crit. 
We decided to look further into the issue of privacy, so we distributed a survey concerning this topic. At first glance we found out that there is a large difference on how much people are willing to share in order to receive advertising tailored to them. Therefore we decided to implement a personal filter into our concept which will enable the individuals to decide what information will be passed on to advertisers. 

This week we also structured and divided our chapter. We will review the final results the upcoming week.

Furthermore we decided that we will be making a short low-frame stop-motion film for the presentation. We already brainstormed various set-ups and agreed on a time line. 

Concerning the problem from last week (bookmarks yes/no) we decided to include the idea of bookmarks into our concept, as it will be a useful for readers and advertisers.

What will we do?

The next step for us is to analyze our survey in more depth and to implement it into our book chapter. When our chapter is done, we will switch our focus to the script writing and again and start with the movie making.

No, we haven’t had any problems this week. We feel that our progress is good.

We didn’t make any real changes but rather agreed upon a final idea.

Week 46: A Magazine For Several Senses

What we have done:
Since the mid-crit we have contacted more persons to interview and conducted more internet research. Additionally we created a structure for our text and started working on ideas for the final presentation (meaning the presentation and the video) including the creation of a magazine cover.

What we will do:
We are going to write our text for the book and we will start creating a script and storyboard for our video. Hopefully we will also be able to conduct more interviews.

Problems encountered:
No real problems were encountered except that it is really difficult to get more interviews on short notice since we only found out about very interesting persons during our research and while talking to other people.

Changes in the project:


See also the last post.

Week 46 - Digital contact lenses as a window for future magazine reading. Complete immersion through magazines.

This weeks focus was on writing the text for the project book and we are almost finish with the first version of text and the plan for that is to finish the text during the weekend and after that iterate the text for next week. Before we make over the text to the book group.

We have all the structure for the text but there will be some more work with the text.

We also went to spårvägsmuseet to film some clips to our movie but we couldn't shot the clips because of technical problems with our camera so we have to arrange a new plan for making the shots.
This was very unfortunate because everyone had arrange to be there.

We learned a lot this week and one of the main thing we learned was that we have to really check the equipment before we go somewhere and starts filming.

So what should we do for next week. The plan for next week is to finish the text and iterate it so our message with this project get across to the audience and after that we really have to film everything so we could start editing the final movie asap, and we will also start planing the rest of our final presentation for december 7.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Week 46: An Audience of One

This week we have critically conducted interview questions that has been sent out to a few valuable people in the business, from who we have gotten one answer so far. Tomorrow (friday) we will have a phone interview with Olle Lidbom.

We have also collected answers from our survey and are just about to interpret these. We have had a good start in writing our chapter for the book and the work has been well divided between us for continues work on that.

We have set a personal deadline for our draft in the beginning of next week so we will have plenty on time to edit before the actual deadline. What we are about to do next is to interpret our results from the survey and interviews and continue writing. After that we are going to work more in detail on our final idea and create user scenarios for the final presentation.

Week 46: MagZone

What we have done:
We spent most of the time after preparing for the mid crit with writing the report for our idea. We talked about the feedback we got received at the mid crit and how we could deal with some of the issues in terms of concept and on what we should emphasize on for the final presentation to be convincing.
We're now almost done with writing and will have around a week to edit the text and do the finishing touches. We used Osterwalder's business model canvas to create a picture of the business model for MagZone that will be explained further in the report.

Other than the report we've been focusing on the film we want to make for the presentation. We worked on a script and a shot list of things we want to include in the film. The overall structure and idea is done so we started looking for a camera at KTH that we can use for the shooting.
For the idea we're still trying to get feedback from industry officials and also reached out professionals in mobile app development. Their feedback so far has been very positive towards the idea and they helped us identify possible issues with the solution.

What we will do: 
The next week we will be working on the final report and create the images that we want to include in our chapter in the book. Furthermore, we would like to start shooting the movie as soon as possible, but that largely depends on the equipment and the cast. Additionally we will start to outline the final presentation and adapt the content we have so far and create new content for the presentation.

Problems encountered: 
We have a really nice idea for the film that we want to shoot, but there could be problems in terms of proper equipment and casting for our main role. We're still searching for a woman that wants to participate in our movie and explain the service in front of the camera.

Changes in the project: 
There have not been major changes in the project, we're just spending quite some time on the details of the idea and those are the only areas where we've changed something in some aspects.

Week 46: MAGi

What we have done
This week our main focus was on the upcoming work in the second half of the project. We reflected on the critique we got from the “jury” at the mid crit and discussed how we could improve, strengthen and clarify our link to magazines. Furthermore, we discussed and considered what could have been done better in the mid crit presentation and what we can take out of the critique to optimize our final product.

There is plenty of work to be done. We chose week 48 to shoot our scenes for the film. This gives us a few days to organize, plan and prepare the film shooting. We already have a film location and hired two fellow students as actors. In our last meeting we discussed a rough idea of our script and how we want the film to look like.

Since the deadline to submit the book chapter approaches, we structured and discussed how we could best present our product in the book. Then, we divided the workload and agreed on an internal deadline to join our texts. We collected and compiled the general trends we want to offload to Daniel for the book intro and picked out our project-specific trends and scenarios that we will explain in our book chapter.

What we will do

We are planning to meet three times next week. Our internal deadline for the book chapter is next Sunday, consequently we will spend most of our time writing the texts and doing further detailed research.
After we have joined our texts, we will work on the script and the preparations for the film shooting. As our product is mainly focussed on tablet usage, we will have some shots where we need a screen design for the shown tablet. As soon as the script and a shotlist is finished, we will start designing these screens to have them ready for the shooting.

This Friday we will have a telephone interview with a leading professor and developer of the eye tracking system at the Fraunhofer Institut in Illmenau, Germany. We hope that he can answer our questions and give us some insights on the future of eye tracking systems. Additionally, we will contact an expert who does research on speech recognition, interpretation and synthesis.

Problems encountered

One problem that might come up is the organization of cameras, microphones, lights and other equipment for the film shooting as we don’t have the money to rent professional equipment. Apart from that, no big problems have been encountered this week. We have a very tight schedule and lots of work is left to do but we are convinced that we will get all done till the final presentation.

WEEK 46 - Future of magazine distribution

What we have done: We have divided the group so that two of us are focusing on creating the movie and two of us are focusing on the book chapter. Robin is going to be the leader of the book chapter and will work together with Olga, whereas Sebastian and Sara will be doing the movie. For the movie, we have been looking into several options, such as filming, animating and stop motion. We finally chose stop motion as we think this will be the easiest way to communicate our idea without encountering too many technical difficulties.

What we will do: We are going to start writing the book chapter and have it finished for Wednesday so we can proof read it for Thursday. We are also going to begin with the stop motion movie and make every scene, as well as try out different settings for the camera and how to take the photographs and set the pictures/second in a good way.

Problems encountered: Our main problems have been with the stop motion movie, as none of us have been working especially much with making film or for that matter stop motion, but after spending a lot of time youtubing, googling and discussing we now feel a bit more confident on how to do the movie (even if there are still many question marks)

Changes in the project: Our project has been rolling pretty straight forward and we’ve been productive during the meetings. The only real changes in the project have been dividing the labour and coming up with new ideas for the movie.

Week 46 / MAGnify

Group name: MAGnify

What we have done: During this week we have been doing a lot of brainstorming in order to come up with the idea of movie for the final presentation. And we succeeded! We found a great and interesting idea for the movie that will include both real shooting and developing an interface of our platform. We have scheduled the timetable of shooting and cutting and created a storyboard. We have also been thinking about the structure of the text for the book and the structure of the final presentation.We have decided to follow Daniel’s advice and not to include business strategy into final presentation, but still to describe it in the text. So far we have 4 pages of the text for the book. As far as we have pretty tough schedule we have divided all the amount of the work between us and pointed out the “responsible persons” for shooting a movie, the text and creating interface.
What we will do: Starting next week we will shoot a movie and start cutting it, continue writing text and create interface of our platform.

Problems encountered: So far we have only one problem with DELFI – we are not allowed to rent camera, because we could book the stuff only for certain courses (and Future of Media is not on the list). But the IT-guy told us that he is going talk to Daniel and they will try to solve our problem till Monday.

Other: We had a lot of fun with brainstorming part! =)

Friday, November 9, 2012

Week 45 - midcrit week

This week our main focus was on the upcoming mid crit!
We started the week by joining our forces and discussing the future of our idea and how to get you and our fellow students to understand our technology and idea without throwing to much technology information and background on you. While at the same time describe what this will do to the format and consumption of magazines in only 10 min.

We started editing our film material to see what we need to improve and what we need to ad. We also edited a short rough version of our concept movie just to give you a better idea of how this will change the future of Magazines.

The project is starting to take more and more shape we have left some initial ideas and gained some new. We have seen this project as a flight and we are now approaching our destination and started our decent .From being up in the sky with infinite possibilities and a wild imagination we now have a concrete plan and vision on where we are going with this.

The outline of the text have been structured and the different parts have been distributed among the members of the group according to our strengths and interests. Writing is in full progress!

We will use the valuable  comments gathered from the mid crit to further develop our project!

Plans for next week are to continue writing, shooting more material for the movie . Trying to get access to a railcart to shoot in , we will try contacting sporvagnsmuseet! We will also try to discuss this project with Haibo Lee.