Thursday, November 1, 2012

Week 44 - The future of magazine distribution

What we have done: We have gone through the interview with Christer Lie and made notes of the most important issues; mainly that Christer believes that there will exist cheap printers in the future that support our idea, but he also believes in the element of surprise and professionally composed content and design. This was also present from the interviews and observations of the magazine consumers, where many people seemed to prefer the element of surprise and good design. Although there were also many who would like the option of being able to customize the magazine. We also interviewed Johan Stenberg, who had the opinion that our idea could be possible in the future, but only if the on demand-printers could be as cost beneficial as the low cost of printing today. He did however believe that societies of the future will be different, and that the distribution of magazines will have to be adapted to that change. This new information has led to some changes in our initial idea, and we are now focused on having the on demand-printer mainly for customized magazines, and support the idea of a digital magazine library at train stations and airports by basing it on the idea of a future society in which ubiquitous computing will be more developed.

What we will do: We now feel that the empirical information gathering is complete, and will now be focusing more on developing and presenting our idea to prepare for the mid crit next week. This will probably be done with sketches and powerpoint.

Problems encountered: We haven’t encountered many problems, and feel that we have accomplished a lot during the time we have had. The only problem we can see is that we are still not really sure how to present our idea in the best way.

Changes in the project: We are still focusing on the consumers perspective, but have narrowed down our user group to customers present at train stations and airports, and have chosen to pay about as much attention to the digital magazine library of the ubiquitous future, as the on demand printer.

Other: Otherwise things have been working out fine, and we are enjoying the project!

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  1. - Interesting/great that you did a small study of magazine customers! Probably something other groups could be inspired by!
    - Good that you decided to focus (on magazine customers in this case).
    - Nice to hear you have fixed internal communication problems and enjoy working on the project - probably a key to getting good results
    - You mention that "empirical info gathering is complete". I can't see/feel that from what you've written, but perhaps (I hope) you are right in that you have gathered enough info to finish the project (?). If so - good luck!