Thursday, November 15, 2012

Week 46 / MAGnify

Group name: MAGnify

What we have done: During this week we have been doing a lot of brainstorming in order to come up with the idea of movie for the final presentation. And we succeeded! We found a great and interesting idea for the movie that will include both real shooting and developing an interface of our platform. We have scheduled the timetable of shooting and cutting and created a storyboard. We have also been thinking about the structure of the text for the book and the structure of the final presentation.We have decided to follow Daniel’s advice and not to include business strategy into final presentation, but still to describe it in the text. So far we have 4 pages of the text for the book. As far as we have pretty tough schedule we have divided all the amount of the work between us and pointed out the “responsible persons” for shooting a movie, the text and creating interface.
What we will do: Starting next week we will shoot a movie and start cutting it, continue writing text and create interface of our platform.

Problems encountered: So far we have only one problem with DELFI – we are not allowed to rent camera, because we could book the stuff only for certain courses (and Future of Media is not on the list). But the IT-guy told us that he is going talk to Daniel and they will try to solve our problem till Monday.

Other: We had a lot of fun with brainstorming part! =)


  1. Sound good that you have found a good idea for movie and also that you differ between what should be in the text and what should be in the final presentation.
    We all hope the camera thing will be solved soon (as you got mail about yesterday).