Friday, November 23, 2012

Week 47: Journalist Rockstars / The Future of Journalism

What we have done:
This week we have obviously had our focus on finishing all of the writing before the stated deadline tomorrow Friday. The writing’s coming up good even though we’ve encountered minor problems concerning how some parts of the report should be structured and written. It’s hard to explain if this is a result of bad communication or a lack of discussion among the group. However after some dialogue between the members this problem was easily sorted out and the writing could carry on.
The end of the week is not as much about writing as it is about making sure that the content is relevant and argued for in a fashionable way.

What we will do:
As the writing soon will be finished with, for now, we will focus on deciding upon how we should go about the end presentation. We have some ideas, some of them more appropriate than the others, and even though much of what we are going to say could seem obvious, we expect to put some effort into the making of it.

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  1. I can imagine that people imagine subtly different things and only notice when things are put down on paper and you can see the "weird" thoughts some other people (apparently) have...