Saturday, November 17, 2012

Week 46 - Journalist Rockstars / The Future of Journalism

What we have done:
This week we've conducted another interview with a person experienced in social media and marketing, which we believe will be of relevance for our future scenario. We've also started writing for the book and made some decision regarding the overall presentation of our material. Finally, we've started discussing the final presentation and how to make our message as clear as possible, incorporating the feedback we got from the mid-crit.

What we will do:
Next week will be quite hectic, writing being the main priority. We'll also start creating some visual material to complement our text.

Due to lack of time and because we feel we've already got a lot of good material, we've decided not to do any more interviews. Another issue is that of concentrating the project to a particular area. It still feels quite broad and we'll need to refine it some more. 

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  1. Not doing more interviews (at this point) might be the right decision. Please also so my comments to the Readly group.
    Concentrating, being more concrete/specific and using examples are always good strategies in order to get your idea(s) across...