Friday, November 30, 2012

Week 48 - Digital contact lenses

At last we managed to make our movie just as we wanted to. This week started with an intense film session out in the western hoods of Stockholm. Equipped with a 42" TV, a petrol-powered electric generator and a film camera we took all the shoots we needed for our film. This time the location was a bus-stop. This is because this way we can illustrate that the micro-environment is visible at the same time as our window has changed the view. This way all the things that happens around the viewer can still be seen. We thought of two locations where this easily could be illustrated for us. The first was a subway, but it is hard to shoot in a subway. The second was a bus stop, and that is easier since it is not moving.

Since the text is handed in we also had time to cut the movie. It took a whole day and we were pleased with the result. It will match the presentation brilliant. The presentation is also almost finished this week. The movie is clocked to under 2 minutes, which makes us able to have a good presentation before that. The script for the presentation is also almost finished  and we only need to make some minor changes before the final presentation. We are definitely well prepared before the final presentation. But we'll see, maybe that'll change on the rehearsal. It is very good that we have a rehearsal though, so that the biggest nervousness can go away and so that we can focus more on the big rehearsal.

We believe that we know the subject very well now though, so to present it won't be any problem. Since we know all the details we can present only the vital parts that the audience has to know to understand the essence of our extensive work.

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