Friday, November 16, 2012

Week 46 - The future of dynamic interactive ads

What did we do?

This week we first of all worked on the constructive feedback we got from the Mid-Crit. 
We decided to look further into the issue of privacy, so we distributed a survey concerning this topic. At first glance we found out that there is a large difference on how much people are willing to share in order to receive advertising tailored to them. Therefore we decided to implement a personal filter into our concept which will enable the individuals to decide what information will be passed on to advertisers. 

This week we also structured and divided our chapter. We will review the final results the upcoming week.

Furthermore we decided that we will be making a short low-frame stop-motion film for the presentation. We already brainstormed various set-ups and agreed on a time line. 

Concerning the problem from last week (bookmarks yes/no) we decided to include the idea of bookmarks into our concept, as it will be a useful for readers and advertisers.

What will we do?

The next step for us is to analyze our survey in more depth and to implement it into our book chapter. When our chapter is done, we will switch our focus to the script writing and again and start with the movie making.

No, we haven’t had any problems this week. We feel that our progress is good.

We didn’t make any real changes but rather agreed upon a final idea.

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  1. I like that the mid-crit had such a direct effect on your work!
    Another group is also doing stop-motion (future of magazine distribution). You might want to talk with them about technical issues concerning stop motion...?