Friday, November 23, 2012

Week 47: MagZone

What we have done:
We've spent the last week with working on the final draft for our chapter of the book and working on the film for the final presentation. The chapter is now done and handed in to Hanna including the picture files we want to include in the text part. After all it was quite some work getting the final version done, but we're now satisfied with the result. We incorporated a lot of the feedback we got from one group and hope the feedback we gave two groups helped them with their texts too.
For the film we finished the script and created a short shot list of things we want to capture with the camera. We found our actress for the film and booked the camera for shooting next week.

What we will do:
Now that the text is done we can start concentrating on the final presentation. Next week we will shoot and hopefully also edit the film for the presentation. Until then we will be working on props for the film and other things we need like screenshots of the application and building the "MagZone terminal". Parallel to that we will start working on the structure and layout of the final presentation.

Problems encountered:
Editing and curating the text took longer than expected and it's not always easy to find common ground on some parts of the text. But by meeting and discussing a lot about the text and parts of it we managed pretty good to get it finished in time.

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  1. I'm happy the feedback thing worked out (at least for your group, it seems...).

    I can imagine that there might be more behind your words of "not always easy to find common ground" than meets the eye...