Friday, November 2, 2012

Week 44: Journalist Rockstars

Group name: Journalist Rockstars (or The Future of Journalism)

What we have done:
Since the last report we've continued brainstorming and developed our ideas for the future of journalism. From our first idea which was that crowdfunding would be the new way of financing journalists, we came out
with the idea of a journalist rockstar. The rise of crowdfuding would force journalists to promote themselves and their work, and the rise of social media would offer new ways to do that, as well as new ways of paying for it.

The music industry shows a similar development, with artists having to make money through different channels than before. We believe in a similar development for the journalistic industry. So far we've interviewed two persons, both journalists but one being an author as well. They both have a connection to crowdfunding, one having partly made use of crowdfunding in order to finance a book release and the other, due to an interest in the subject, having made a research trip to the US to find out more about crowdfunding. They both had some valuable insights and one of them even confirmed our hypothetical idea of a more personalized journalism and a future development of newsmedia towards individual journalists being in the spotlight to a higher extent.

What we will do:
The mid-crit is coming up, so we have to focus on how we are going to make people understand our vision for the future of journalism. We also want to go deeper in this comparaison between the music industry and the future of journalism. To do so, we are planning to interview two more experts, one to go farther in the vision of crowdfunding, and the other to discuss about the new ways to promote yourself via social media.

No big problems have been encountered yet apart from uploading this document on time.

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  1. - Really interesting, fun concept. Crazy (?) but totally believable! Michael Lewis is my personal journalist rockstar (see earlier blog post here).
    - Great interview objects (w.43).
    - Great to decide upon three perspectives from which to investigate your topic (practical, econoimcal and ethical).
    - If there is more crowdfunding in the US, why not interview someone there (Skype etc.)?
    - Winner takes it all model (bestsellers, rockstars, 20% of journalists get 80% of the money) - implications for... Journalist with own "research teams" (underlings)?
    - How do JR's reach out with their texts though? Through internet/social media, or magazines/publishers of some kind?
    - Perhaps interview a journalist who knows nothing about crowdsourcing but has a very strong personal brand (difficult to get hold of though) - Jan Guillou, Janne Josefsson etc.?