Friday, November 16, 2012

Week 46: A Magazine For Several Senses

What we have done:
Since the mid-crit we have contacted more persons to interview and conducted more internet research. Additionally we created a structure for our text and started working on ideas for the final presentation (meaning the presentation and the video) including the creation of a magazine cover.

What we will do:
We are going to write our text for the book and we will start creating a script and storyboard for our video. Hopefully we will also be able to conduct more interviews.

Problems encountered:
No real problems were encountered except that it is really difficult to get more interviews on short notice since we only found out about very interesting persons during our research and while talking to other people.

Changes in the project:


See also the last post.

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  1. Many other groups (as seen in the weekly status report) are writing, have been writing or have almost finished their texts. Just so you know!