Friday, November 23, 2012

Week 47: MAGnify

Group name: MAGnify

What have we done: This week we have had 2 days of shooting - Tuesday (4 hours) and Wednesday (5 hours) - unfortunately, we managed to get the camera only on Tuesday and one day of creating user-interface prototype for it (Thursday and still in the process). We have had the internal deadline for the text and images on Tuesday and whole the group have had the opportunity to check it, add their own ideas and improve the quality. Today we are starting to cut the movie.

What we will do: Now we are in the process of cutting the movie and preparation for the final presentation. We have decided to shoot a quick commercial for MAGnify, so our "presentation" part will be about 6-7 minutes which requires perfect structure and clear explanation.

Problems: NO problems appeared, 
thank you, Daniel, for quick solution with camera problems!

Changes: NO big changes, some small improvements with images and the logo.

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  1. I think you are very early in your movie-making efforts compared to other groups, good luck!