Thursday, November 15, 2012

WEEK 46 - Future of magazine distribution

What we have done: We have divided the group so that two of us are focusing on creating the movie and two of us are focusing on the book chapter. Robin is going to be the leader of the book chapter and will work together with Olga, whereas Sebastian and Sara will be doing the movie. For the movie, we have been looking into several options, such as filming, animating and stop motion. We finally chose stop motion as we think this will be the easiest way to communicate our idea without encountering too many technical difficulties.

What we will do: We are going to start writing the book chapter and have it finished for Wednesday so we can proof read it for Thursday. We are also going to begin with the stop motion movie and make every scene, as well as try out different settings for the camera and how to take the photographs and set the pictures/second in a good way.

Problems encountered: Our main problems have been with the stop motion movie, as none of us have been working especially much with making film or for that matter stop motion, but after spending a lot of time youtubing, googling and discussing we now feel a bit more confident on how to do the movie (even if there are still many question marks)

Changes in the project: Our project has been rolling pretty straight forward and we’ve been productive during the meetings. The only real changes in the project have been dividing the labour and coming up with new ideas for the movie.

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  1. Sounds good to have some people be responsible for (do the main work with) movie vs text. Perhaps someone else in class knows more about stop motion, pity you didn't ask about that at the coordination meeting.