Friday, November 2, 2012

Group name: Readly (Spotify)

What we done: Since last status report we have invited and completed an designworkshop which we thought gave some interesting results. The focus group gave information on what functions the intended future user wanted and most needed on an digital magazine service. The designworkshop did not result in so much creative material which we hoped, but they told us what they thought was important for this service.
We also started a market analysis, which we divided within the project group. It is not done yet, but our goal is to be done with this next week.

What we will do: Next week we will analyze the result and see which functions and other features that is important for the target group. We are going to make some suggestions on basic prototypes, which are supposed to be used in the focus group, and as an first design. We are also going to decide whether we need to have an focus group or not.

Problems encountered: We have not decided if we are going to do a focus group or not. Some in the group think it is excrescent to make one.

Changes in the project: No changes so far, except the new name on the magazine service Readly.

Picture from our workshop.

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  1. - Great slogan ("why be satisfied...".
    - Probably good to start already now and sketch on the book chapter/do what you can at the moment. FYI, see below how I work with a document right now (sorry it's in Swedish).
    - I can book a seminar room for a workshop quite easily - another group has already asked me (sorry for this late info referring to the w43 report).
    - I *might* be able to do the 14/11 workshop- remind me (if you want me to come).
    - Lots about your process, plans but less about your actual Spotify/Readly-ideas.
    - You might want to get in touch with Readmill (Berlin-based startup by ex-media students. Try to get in touch with David Kjelkerud and say hello from me).


    Kommentar från Daniel 121103: Jag är färdig med strukturen nu, har inget mer att tillägga innan vi börjar skriva produktionsfärdig text - notera att stukturen nedan redan är ca 3 sidor lång - den färdiga texten ska vara 2000 tecken = 5 sidor - borde inte vara så svårt att få ihop! Stukturen finns i två kopior nedan, 1) där vi löpande kan ersätta meta-text på svenska med engelsk produktionsfärdig text och 2) kopia av meta-texten där man kan förändra strukturen (märk gärna ev. uppdateringar där - typ välj en egen färg som ni använder genomgående - jag kan ta denna röda färg.