Friday, November 16, 2012

Week 46 - Readly

What we have done:
Since the mid-crit we done some of the views to the prototype. We have done the pictures for the premium version for Readly, but we also need to do the free service and then link the pictures together, so it works like a real application.

Because of the early deadline for the text, we had to reschedule the filmmaking so that we have time for writing. But we are done with the manuscript for the film and have written about thousand words for the text.

What we will do:
Next week we need to finish the prototype, do an user study on human computer interaction master students. And not the last, we need to finish the text.
Then we are going to start making the film and prepare for the final presentation week 48.

Changes in the project:
We have decided to make an user study for the magazine service prototype.

This is a thumbnail over articles in Readly.
(We don’t want to reveal too much)

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  1. Isn't it a little late to do study on the students at this point. Will you have time to incorporate the results of the study in your text for exampel. If not, you might want to consider to *not* do the study and focus on writing the text + final presentation. I of course think it's great that you want to do a study of how the prototype is received, but if you have to finish the text before the study is finished, then it might be better to skip the study and concentrate on the text...?