Thursday, November 1, 2012

Week 44: MAGnify report

Group name: MAGnify

What we have done: We have conducted 4 interviews with such Media Experts as Oksana Silantieva (Head of the Center of Multimedia Production, professor at the Department of Media Communication in Higher School of Economics, Moskow), Hans Althin (Business Development Director at Aller Media AB), Kristina Sabelström Möller (PhD, MSc, Senior Project Manager Business Development at Kvällstidningen Expressen AB) and Johanna Ögren (well-known Swedish blogger and entrepreneur). We have conducted a mass-survey with participation of more than 100 students. We finally figured out how our social platform will look like and what kind of business-model it will use. We also changed the name from "Social Recommendations" to "MAGnify".

What we will do: Now our empirical basis is complete and starting next week we will focus more on embodying our ideas (probably even writing a draft of a business plan of MAGnify), making presentation for the mid-crit and start planning for the final presentation film

Problems encountered: No big problems encountered so far.

Changes in the project: No actual changes in the project.


  1. - Looks like you have been very busy (w43) and will have lots of supporting materials with which to base/present your project idea/scenario.
    - Sounds like you are right on track - but you don't give us many hints about what your project actually is about, what social recommendations is all about (in the/your future). You can compare (and get some inspiration) from

    1. Daniel, thanks for your reply!
      Actually, you are right. We decided to conduct our research in a very serious way and to be sure that our idea could really take place in the future that we have created (we really believe that this could be possible in 15 years) We have our idea, but very blurred, we tried to devote all the time to collecting the data and summarizing it. And as far as we see it was the right way. We really easily wrote a real business plan and business model for our platform. And we are really ready for the mid-crit ;-)

  2. We HAD our idea, but very blurred*

  3. Ok, I look forward to hear you present your findings/ideas/vision on Friday!