Thursday, November 15, 2012

Week 46: MAGi

What we have done
This week our main focus was on the upcoming work in the second half of the project. We reflected on the critique we got from the “jury” at the mid crit and discussed how we could improve, strengthen and clarify our link to magazines. Furthermore, we discussed and considered what could have been done better in the mid crit presentation and what we can take out of the critique to optimize our final product.

There is plenty of work to be done. We chose week 48 to shoot our scenes for the film. This gives us a few days to organize, plan and prepare the film shooting. We already have a film location and hired two fellow students as actors. In our last meeting we discussed a rough idea of our script and how we want the film to look like.

Since the deadline to submit the book chapter approaches, we structured and discussed how we could best present our product in the book. Then, we divided the workload and agreed on an internal deadline to join our texts. We collected and compiled the general trends we want to offload to Daniel for the book intro and picked out our project-specific trends and scenarios that we will explain in our book chapter.

What we will do

We are planning to meet three times next week. Our internal deadline for the book chapter is next Sunday, consequently we will spend most of our time writing the texts and doing further detailed research.
After we have joined our texts, we will work on the script and the preparations for the film shooting. As our product is mainly focussed on tablet usage, we will have some shots where we need a screen design for the shown tablet. As soon as the script and a shotlist is finished, we will start designing these screens to have them ready for the shooting.

This Friday we will have a telephone interview with a leading professor and developer of the eye tracking system at the Fraunhofer Institut in Illmenau, Germany. We hope that he can answer our questions and give us some insights on the future of eye tracking systems. Additionally, we will contact an expert who does research on speech recognition, interpretation and synthesis.

Problems encountered

One problem that might come up is the organization of cameras, microphones, lights and other equipment for the film shooting as we don’t have the money to rent professional equipment. Apart from that, no big problems have been encountered this week. We have a very tight schedule and lots of work is left to do but we are convinced that we will get all done till the final presentation.

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  1. "hired to fellow students" - sounds interesting! Yes, your group had lots of trends you wanted to offload!
    You need someone (good at writing) to be ultimately responsible for the text - there might be quite a lot of work to do also after you have joined your texts!
    As of yesterday, you know the state of the art considering film cameras, I hope we get more info in the beginning of next week!