Thursday, November 1, 2012

Week 44: The future of collecting

What we have done: We're not so tough anymore. We feel that we don't know enough about the subject and furthermost that the sources we have looked at so far are unreliable. We have gathered a new set of sources from EBSCO among other sites. We have made a new and better project plan. The new plan contains a schema over when we will do what. We skipped the interviews this week since we felt that we didn't have time to prepare a good interview. We did prepare a presentation for a later interview, but we might have to ditch the work that went into the presentation, if the new sources speak against our previous assumptions.

What we will do: we will finish our literature review. We will do a heuristic evaluation of PS3 and game zones web interfaces. After that we will develop questions for a focus group based on the evaluation and the lit review. We will try to get together a focus group, but unfortunately it looks like this group will not be in place until the mid crit. Perhaps we will go for something simpler just to have something halfway decent to present until midcrit. The reason we want a focus group is because we want to explore the idea we have, hear the consumer's opinions about it.We will use the feedback from the focus group to create a simple prototype. After that we will interview publishers. The publishers will evaluate our simple prototype. With their feedback, we will develop a fancier GUI model of some kind.

Problems encountered: We probably don't have time to gather a focus group in timefor the mid-crit. We should have done it a week ago but that's too late to fix now.

Changes in the project: We have an essentially entirely new plan, but this one is more concrete.

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  1. - Is the word you are looking for really "megalomaniac" (storhetsvansinne)?
    - No false modesty in your report ("when four of the finest minds on KTH...")
    - Will/have you looked for/talked to/interviewed collectors? Or publishers? Will you focus (prioritize) one of these groups (probably a good strategy)?
    - Source of error in your sample is a much smaller problem than not doing interviews in the first place...
    - EBSCO?
    - Personal way of writing weekly reports; much appreciated :-) Future of Media fortune cookie prediction: you will become journalist rockstars!
    - It's very hard to get a feeling for what you actually are doing or ideas you have (explored, will bet on, have put aside etc.).