Friday, November 23, 2012

Week 47 - MAGi

What we have done:
This week we spent most of our time on writing our texts for the final book chapter. As everyone of us had to write his/her own part, we had to put all our parts together. Finally, we had an editorial meeting to make a homogeneous chapter out of the single texts. We found two other groups for mutual proofreading. With the comments of the other two groups we improved and finalized our book chapter. To visualize some aspects of our part, we searched for pictures and added them.

Furthermore, we had to find an appointment with our actors for shooting our film next week. We schedule two days for filming and maybe one additional day, if something goes wrong and we have to fix it. We organized the film equipment. Today we have a creative script workshop... and it won’t be the last one...

What we will do:
We will finish the script, create a shotlist, prepare the props etc. and finally shoot and edit the film and record our narrator. And finally: prepare the presentation.

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