Friday, November 9, 2012

Week 45 - midcrit week

This week our main focus was on the upcoming mid crit!
We started the week by joining our forces and discussing the future of our idea and how to get you and our fellow students to understand our technology and idea without throwing to much technology information and background on you. While at the same time describe what this will do to the format and consumption of magazines in only 10 min.

We started editing our film material to see what we need to improve and what we need to ad. We also edited a short rough version of our concept movie just to give you a better idea of how this will change the future of Magazines.

The project is starting to take more and more shape we have left some initial ideas and gained some new. We have seen this project as a flight and we are now approaching our destination and started our decent .From being up in the sky with infinite possibilities and a wild imagination we now have a concrete plan and vision on where we are going with this.

The outline of the text have been structured and the different parts have been distributed among the members of the group according to our strengths and interests. Writing is in full progress!

We will use the valuable  comments gathered from the mid crit to further develop our project!

Plans for next week are to continue writing, shooting more material for the movie . Trying to get access to a railcart to shoot in , we will try contacting sporvagnsmuseet! We will also try to discuss this project with Haibo Lee.    

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