Friday, November 2, 2012

Week 44: A Magazine For Several Senses

November 2 - Week 44

Group name:
A magazine for several senses.

What we have done: 
This week, we have decided on a kind of logo for our project that connects with our slogan “as long as it makes sense.”

The search for people to contact has begun, first mails sent out. Quick responses from some.
An interview with Tobias Lindberg, Sveriges Tidskrifter, was held and gave us a lot of good information.

After the meeting we had this thursday we sort of decided that we should “be” a magazine and that should be published 4 times a year - one issue per season - and therefore be called Seasons.

Some experementing has started with the ambition of creating jello-paper. 

What we will do: 
Next week it’s time to analyse the answers from the interviews that will come out of the sent e-mails. Maybe we will establish contact with some of the persons that Tobias told us about, for example Mittuniversitetet in Sundsvall.

Main focus will be on building the structure for the mid-crit presentation but we will also look at the final presentation and what we could do there.

Problems encountered: 
Who will buy this kind of magazine? It’s probably not gonna be cheap so the “target group” is going to be quite small. Could we solve this with International distribution? It’s gonna be more expensive but maybe for subscribers?

Changes in the project: 
No concrete changes, but we sort of decided that the magazine should be a combination of cooking and gardening - more like a lifestyle magazine - instead of just one of them.

Very good and creative meeting this thursday. Good feeling in the group!

1 comment:

  1. - Good slogan
    - Cooking and gardening are great topics, but you should probably focus on one (perhaps use the other as "support").
    - Your project ideas are crazy and fun. It will be a success if you can back up your ideas technically.
    - Molecular gastronomy, chemistry student... cool. I hope they gave good answers rather than stopping you from progressing further in "their" directions.
    - Hygien and "consuming" an article/page - sure they are problems, but just raising these issues will draw stunned laughs from an audience.
    - Great that you pasted photos into you w43 blog post. I realize that is much better than links actually.
    - Great concept and title, "Seasons"!
    - Target group/price might be a problem. Use the mid-crit to elicit suggestions from panel/audience!