Friday, November 2, 2012

Audience of One - Week 44

What we have done.

This week we have finalized our desktop research and used it as a basis for the further process such as interviews with industry professionals, who we have also selected and whose ideas and responses we consider as valid and useful for our project. We have limited the questions too few but down to the point insights. We have also created the survey that will be sent to potential users to get an overview on their habits, preferences and demands for personalized services. These both methods will allow us to obtain both professionals opinions and profiles of potential users. Moreover, we have created a specific outline for the final written paper.

What we will do.

The next step will be sending out the survey and executing interviews. In the mean time we will try to attach deeper dimensions to our “service”. Answers form the interviews and survey will definitely influence the idea or at least outline the reality of what users want. Having a strong background from our desktop research, we will also start writing the background and introduction to the project. Towards the end of the project, we would like to form a focus group to get feedback on our idea (service). This is however not sure and we will make the final decision upon the need.

Problems encountered

How to present a “service” that might appear to be quite complex in an accessible way. To create an idea of how it could work in practice without really focusing on inner technical side such as algorithms. This will be a lasting challenge for the whole project. Additionally the risk of not getting the desired and useful outcome of both interviews and the survey. Beside than that we think we have a clear direction forward and strong background.

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  1. - "Useful videos" (w43) - why not include one in your blog post?
    - Not much about your actual project/idea in w43 and w44. Sure, you don't want to focus on inner technical stuff, but can you give us some ideas about those and about what you will do to create a "magical" experience for the user (if the tech is hidden - the results will be "magical")?
    - Good that you think about how to present a complex concept in a simple way though ("hiding" the algorithms)
    - Probably good to start already now and sketch on the book chapter/do what you can at the moment. FYI, see below how I work with a document right now (sorry it's in Swedish).


    Kommentar från Daniel 121103: Jag är färdig med strukturen nu, har inget mer att tillägga innan vi börjar skriva produktionsfärdig text - notera att stukturen nedan redan är ca 3 sidor lång - den färdiga texten ska vara 2000 tecken = 5 sidor - borde inte vara så svårt att få ihop! Stukturen finns i två kopior nedan, 1) där vi löpande kan ersätta meta-text på svenska med engelsk produktionsfärdig text och 2) kopia av meta-texten där man kan förändra strukturen (märk gärna ev. uppdateringar där - typ välj en egen färg som ni använder genomgående - jag kan ta denna röda färg.