Friday, November 23, 2012

Week 47 - The Future of Interactive Dynamic Advertising

What did we do?
We wrote and reconstructed our text quite a lot this week. It was important to us that the entire group contributes to the chapter and to the final presentation, which is why we mainly worked and will continue working on it together. Like this we can ensure that everyone agrees with the content and furthermore are we able to maintain the consistency between the chapter and the final presentation.

In addition we revised the chapters of MAGi and Seasons and gave them feedback. We were also able to benefit from their feedback and hope that our comments helped them out, too.

What will we do?
Two of our group members will go to the proof-reading session on Tuesday where we can make final adjustments to our chapter. We will also continue on our film for the final presentation. We have many ideas but we need to make them more specific and get the filming started.

The only problem we had this week was that everything took longer than we expected, so we didn’t have enough time to work on our film script this week. But as we are now done with our chapter, we can entirely focus on our film next week!


  1. Indeed, your critique was very helpful and I think this day of proofreading was worth the effort. Thank you all!

  2. I'm glad the feedback thing worked out for your two groups!

    I'm sure it's nice to be finished with the text and to focus 100% on the film now.