Sunday, November 4, 2012

Weekly status report, augmented magazines

Quite much have happened this week and finally it feels like we're getting somewhere...!

  • What we have done
This week we finally came down to augmented magazines and their content as our main focus for the project after many discussions. We've been trying to get in touch with people and on tuesday we have an interview with the VICstudio at KTH and one more interview with Designingenjörerna where the date isn't decided yet about augmented reality and magazines. We've also done a survey about augmented reality and magazines that we hope people will answere to as soon as possible to get the view fron "the peoples" perspective about augmented reality and magazines. We have also started to divide the texts for the book that we will start to write on as soon as possible.
  • What we will do
We will have the interview with VIC on tuesday and hopefully another with Designingenjörerna as soon as possible. The we will write at least one page each for the book until next friday. This week the main focus will be on the mid-crit and preparations for that.
  • Problems encountered
This week we have not encountered any problems actually!

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  1. comments on both w43 and w44

    - Good that you are (trying) to narrow the concept down
    - You strategy seem perhaps a little "passive", waiting for others (interveiws) to help shape/define your vision, but "the best way to predict the future is to invent it"! Also, while it can be good, it takes more time to first do interviews and only then hammer down/specify what your future will look like. Perhaps a better strategy is to start with a trend you see as important for the future (technology, behavior, politics) and then extrapolate?
    - "turning into augmented reality instead of hybrid magazines", what does this mean exactly? Is it a problem? Or a challenge/opportunity?
    - "Designingenjörerna" - who are they? Perhaps a link?