Friday, November 16, 2012

Week 46 - Digital contact lenses as a window for future magazine reading. Complete immersion through magazines.

This weeks focus was on writing the text for the project book and we are almost finish with the first version of text and the plan for that is to finish the text during the weekend and after that iterate the text for next week. Before we make over the text to the book group.

We have all the structure for the text but there will be some more work with the text.

We also went to spårvägsmuseet to film some clips to our movie but we couldn't shot the clips because of technical problems with our camera so we have to arrange a new plan for making the shots.
This was very unfortunate because everyone had arrange to be there.

We learned a lot this week and one of the main thing we learned was that we have to really check the equipment before we go somewhere and starts filming.

So what should we do for next week. The plan for next week is to finish the text and iterate it so our message with this project get across to the audience and after that we really have to film everything so we could start editing the final movie asap, and we will also start planing the rest of our final presentation for december 7.

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  1. Good lesson to learn, sorry it had to be learned in such a tough way... :-(