Friday, November 2, 2012

Week 44: MagZone

What we have done. 
Within the last week we narrowed down our ideas and started working on our final idea that we want to pursue for the rest of the project. This idea revolves around a digital newsstand in cafés, aiports and other venues where people can lend digital magazines for usage within the venue. With this idea we interview several magazine readers and asked them about our idea, if they would use it and what issues could arise. This enabled us to get early consumer insights that we incorporated to develop the idea further.

We also started on structuring the report for our project and divided up tasks among us. Furthermore, we have set up a survey that we started sending out yesterday to get a broader picture of interest in the solution and some issues like possible venues for the system directly from the consumers.

What we will do.
- Prepare the mid-crit presentation
- Work on our idea and develop it further
- Get in touch with relevant people from the industry to ask them about the solution
- Start working on the report and possible parts of the final presentation

Problems encountered. 
Setting up the survey so the participants could put themselves into the situation of using the system. Due to the fact that the “solution” is not available today, and we have a future scenario where almost everyone have a device they can read magazines on, It could be hard for the participants in the survey to answer how they would have act if... We solved this with a short description of the product and the future habits of magazine reading.

Changes in the project.
Last time we had two different ideas to work on. Now we have narrowed it down to one single idea, because it’s not as complex as the other idea, but provides similar possibilities to increase the revenue. We also don’t think we will have time to focus on two different 

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  1. - Interesting concept, sounds feasible/possible - go for it!
    - Great with blackboard pic in your blog post.
    - Great on the methods side! You should be able to gain credibility when you present you solution/proposal based on what you have done!
    - "more than one solution" can be difficult to understand/convey in a pedagogical manner. Can you create one vision based on several components that link and support each other (rather than disparate trends).
    - You might be able to overlap (some) with other groups if you take it "in another direction". Perhaps you won't overlap as much as you will provide mutual support for your concepts? We'll find out on the mid-crit...
    - Probably good to start already now and sketch on the book chapter/do what you can at the moment. FYI, see below how I work with a document right now (sorry it's in Swedish).
    - Possible to get (only/mainly/some) people who actually own a tablet and read magazines on it to answer your survey?
    - The focus on one topic/solutions is probably smart. You might mention/use the other as "support" but concentrate on your main idea/scenario.


    Kommentar från Daniel 121103: Jag är färdig med strukturen nu, har inget mer att tillägga innan vi börjar skriva produktionsfärdig text - notera att stukturen nedan redan är ca 3 sidor lång - den färdiga texten ska vara 2000 tecken = 5 sidor - borde inte vara så svårt att få ihop! Stukturen finns i två kopior nedan, 1) där vi löpande kan ersätta meta-text på svenska med engelsk produktionsfärdig text och 2) kopia av meta-texten där man kan förändra strukturen (märk gärna ev. uppdateringar där - typ välj en egen färg som ni använder genomgående - jag kan ta denna röda färg.