Thursday, November 15, 2012

Week 46: MagZone

What we have done:
We spent most of the time after preparing for the mid crit with writing the report for our idea. We talked about the feedback we got received at the mid crit and how we could deal with some of the issues in terms of concept and on what we should emphasize on for the final presentation to be convincing.
We're now almost done with writing and will have around a week to edit the text and do the finishing touches. We used Osterwalder's business model canvas to create a picture of the business model for MagZone that will be explained further in the report.

Other than the report we've been focusing on the film we want to make for the presentation. We worked on a script and a shot list of things we want to include in the film. The overall structure and idea is done so we started looking for a camera at KTH that we can use for the shooting.
For the idea we're still trying to get feedback from industry officials and also reached out professionals in mobile app development. Their feedback so far has been very positive towards the idea and they helped us identify possible issues with the solution.

What we will do: 
The next week we will be working on the final report and create the images that we want to include in our chapter in the book. Furthermore, we would like to start shooting the movie as soon as possible, but that largely depends on the equipment and the cast. Additionally we will start to outline the final presentation and adapt the content we have so far and create new content for the presentation.

Problems encountered: 
We have a really nice idea for the film that we want to shoot, but there could be problems in terms of proper equipment and casting for our main role. We're still searching for a woman that wants to participate in our movie and explain the service in front of the camera.

Changes in the project: 
There have not been major changes in the project, we're just spending quite some time on the details of the idea and those are the only areas where we've changed something in some aspects.

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  1. You know everything about the camera issue as of yesterday, I hope we will know more in the beginning of the week.
    I hope you find you female actor!