Friday, November 2, 2012

MAGi - Status Report Week 44

1. Group name

MAGi - Magazine Intelligence

2. What we have done

  • 2.1 Interview request

We have sent a interview request to an expert in Human Media Interaction at TU Delft in the Netherlands. His research consists of multimodal interactions, intelligent agents, and computational intelligence. We have a vision of a society who is used to live in intelligent environments in our project so his field of research is of great interest. Unfortunately we will have an interview not before 9th of November, but he approved that our project might be feasible until 2030.

We also got in touch with a professor at the Fraunhofer institute of digital media technology in Germany. He is an expert for the “integrated eye-tracker”, which is a special eye-tracking system, that is not needed to be calibrated before using. This field of research is one relevant part for our project. For our intelligent reading system we provide the function of recognizing the reader’s attendance. This might be feasible with an eye-tracking system, as you can see in this video:

Furthermore, we contacted experts of the German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence, which is one of the world's largest nonprofit contract research institutes in the field of innovative software technology based on artificial intelligence methods. We hope to get possible interview partners in the fields “Intelligent User Interfaces” and “Agents and Simulated Reality”.

  • 2.2 Preparing the interviews

In our weekly project meeting we collected questions for the expert interviews that we will send them in advance. The questions cover our predictions of the future life in 2030 and the plausibility of our prediction regarding their field of research.
  • 2.3 Promotion material

We have created promotion material in the form of text and a logotype. It will be used to promote the presentation of our project in December.

3. What we will do

  • 3.1 Interview

Hopefully we will have at least one interview with an expert before the mid crit. After the interview we will analyze the answers and revise our vision of MAGi - Magazine Intelligence.
  • 3.2 Mid crit presentation

We will prepare for the mid crit session so our idea and vision is as clearly as possible, because then we will get so clearly feedback as possible.
  • 3.3 Initial ideas for the script

In our final presentation we provide a short film. Next week we begin to plan how we can illustrate our message to the audience. Depending on how many experts we will interview next week, we probably will make it to a first draft of a complete script.

4. Problems encountered


5. Changes in the project


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  1. - MAGi = "she"? What makes people personalize (anthropomorphize) MAGi?
    - What is the connection between "learning from its reader" and "provide perfect personal usability"? What is usability, how do you define it in this project?
    - Film was ok, but I never understood where it "came from" (what it advertised/demoed)?
    - Personas sounds interesting- good way to make things (ideas) more concrete.
    - Interesting to read about "problems encountered" and how you solved them (w.43), including implications for project plan, methods etc.
    - Hopefully one interview before mid-crit sounds like perhaps too little/too late!?